Food Sensitivities with the ALCAT Test

Food Sensitivities With The ALCAT Test at Seattle Naturopathic Center

What is ALCAT intolerance testing?

Recently making headlines thanks to baseball player David Ortiz, ALCAT is the worldwide leader in food and other intolerance/sensitivity testing. Intolerance to food and food additives has been linked to digestive problems, migraines, joint and skin problems, ADD, and other medical conditions. The ALCAT Test measures your intolerance levels using a proprietary technology that measures your whole blood against a variety of antigens in order to look for an immune response. You can learn more about the science behind the ALCAT technology on their website,

What will my results look like?

ALCAT identifies your food and other intolerances in a red, yellow, and green system so that you can easily identify your intolerance levels. In addition, your ALCAT results will provide a suggested rotational diet to follow to improve your health based on your specific results.

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Important Medication Information

  • High dosages of Vitamn C: (Reduce to 2500mg per day for 3 days)
  • Antihistamines: Stop 3 – 5 days before blood draw